Every year, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and the University of Tulsa Thetas have very successful recruitments!  We love to help keep our chapters strong by supporting girls going through recruitment. We know the preparation it takes and the many sleepless nights that arise, so we do our best to help ease those nerves. After all, these girls are choosing their sisters for a lifetime!


Recommendation Letters:

To complete a Letter of Reference and Legacy Introduction form (formerly known as a Recommendation form) for a PNM online, go to www.kappaalphatheta.org and log in at Member Login in the top left corner of the screen. Once you’re logged in, click on "Forms" on the top bar menu. From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "show" under reference forms. Here, you can submit your form online and it will be sent directly to the chapter's Chief Recruiting Officer.

In-State Potential New Members:
Letters of Reference for Oklahoma City PNMs who will attend an in-state institution (OU, OSU or the University of Tulsa) should be submitted to Reference Board Chairman, Brooke Flinton-mcmahonflinton@gmail.com by Wednesday, June 6th. Brooke’s address is 3041 Brush Creek Rd, Oklahoma City 73120. You may either mail your reference form to her or drop off at her house. There will be a box on Brooke’s front doorstep for reference forms.

Out of State Potential New Members:
Out-of-state Reference Board Chairman is Beth Portman. Her email is bbport@sbcglobal.net Most out-of-state chapters now prefer references submitted online, but of course welcome hard copies also. The Letter of Reference and Legacy Introduction as well as letters of support are mailed to chapter houses through the USPS. One Reference and two Letters of Support are sufficient for all but a few chapters and should be submitted by July 15th. For young women going through recruitment at the University of Texas, University of Georgia, and University of Southern California, please contact Beth Portman at 405-650-9888 as soon as possible for specific requirements and early submission dates. Beth can also provide chapter addresses and hard copy reference forms, if needed.

Letters of Reference for Edmond PNMs who will attend an in-state institution should be submitted to Reference Board Chairmen, Carrie Dahlgren, 12308 Blue Sage Road, Oklahoma City 73120. Carrie's phone number is 850-5887 and email carrie.e.dahlgren@gmail.com or Evan Dargen - 657-7776. Please check with Carrie or Evan for dates for the references to be received.

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